13 Week Beta 1-1 Mentoring With Sean: Vision, Offer, and Program

Here is the outline of my new 1-1 Mentoring Program:

Build Your High-Converting Coaching or Consulting Offer, Launch it on Your Website, and Install a Consistent System for Getting New Clients Weekly

This 13 week 1-1 Mentoring Program will have the following milestones:

Week 1: Identify your Target Market and the Exact Hot Need in Your Niche Clients Will Pay For

Week 2: Develop your Hot Targeted Offer that clients will line up (literally apply) to be a part of

Week 3:Design Your Core Consulting Web Pages for Maximum Attraction

Week 4: Begin your Webinar to Attract Buyers to Your Consulting or Coaching Offer

Week 5: Tweak and finetune your webinar

Week 6: Launch your webinar

Week 7: Get your first applicants for your coaching or consulting

Week 8: Install a consistent prospecting system on your site to get weekly applicants:

Week 9: Begin delivering your Consulting Offer

Week 10: Advanced Enrollment techniques

Week 11: Scaling your prospecting

Week 12: Scaling your enrollment

Week 13: Open for adjustment

This 13 week 1-1 program will guide you from A-Z to launching your coaching or consulting offer, and not only getting your first clients, but also systematizing the long-term enrollment of future clients.

At the end of the 13 weeks, you will have your own coaching or consulting program, and predictably enrolling new clients, even if you've never been able to pull it off in the past, for any reason.

Now, the way it will work is that each week you will meet with me to teach you and guide you through that week's work (or for some weeks, like web design, you will be meeting with my own web designer, because trust me, you'll get FAR BETTER results working with her than working with me on web design!)

You will also receive a video lesson to accompany the 1-1- time.

Plus, you will attend one Mastermind call with the other clients enrolled in this program, each week.

In addition to the 1-1 Weekly Mentoring, you will also be assigned an email accountability coach with whom you will check in 3x a week to make sure you are staying on track that week, and make sure there's nothing you are stuck on that you need an extra session with a coach to get help with.



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