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An amazing Christian place to network, promote, ask for help, offer help, and much more


Access to 100s of hours and lessons of my own Christian training, for the first time, all in one place:

Simplified Access to all my archived Faith Based Trainings (100 hours plus)

My Advanced Time Management training program (contains advanced 80/20 productivity secrets and training)

New Faith Based Training coming soon

Incredible preparatory training for 2024 business success

A special new training on how to prepare spiritually for incredible business success

Sneak peak access to my upcoming manuscript about success using the Kings and Warriors in the Bible as inspiration

Much, much more as the Lord leads me


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Beta Massive Christian Social Traffic Membership

The #1 Biggest Challenge I see Christian marketers having with their products and memberships in 2024 is getting noticed and getting free social traffic.

I've developed a social groups method that's powerful for building a list from free social groups AND although I can't say I've "cracked the code" our latest moves in youtube are exploding traffic and subscribers.

This is a special beta traffic membership where I'll share cutting edge traffic strategies to BLOW UP your business in 2024!

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