Inner Workings Virtual Workshop

Congratulations on getting into a GREAT program . .

Now, I'd like to make you a very special offer to get access to one of my newest and strongest trainings ever:

My Systems and Scale Complete Deep Dive in My Business:

Section 1: The Exact Premium Offer in My Business and How it's constructed

This will be a breakdown of my $9800 Highest Level Mentoring Program

What's included to make it worth $9800

The Exact Access Clients Get

An Inside Look at Where I Store My Lessons and How Client Get Access

The Exact Access to me a $9800 client gets

The Sales Page for a $9800 program

The onboarding for a $9800 program

Section 2, part 1: The exact traffic sources we use, including deep dive into the accounts we use (including our Youtube Ad account, I'll show actual ads we run, the actual prices we pay, and look into our Linkedin Process + Our Cold Email Program for Leads

--> I'll open up my youtube account, both organic AND paid . .

--> I'll show you my actual ad videos in youtube PLUS the actual bid prices and how much I pay (hint: less than 5 cents per view)

--> I'll open up the inside workings of my Linkedin account like never before . .how we strategize article topics

--> Plus I'll show you the ad in my Linked Account that showed me a brand new, desperate market that was willing to invest nearly $50,000 with me in just 32 days during the Pandemic closures

--> I'll show you my personal traffic strategy for 2021

Ready to get it? ==> Just Released: 32 Licenses of my very first (and possibly ONLY) PLR of 2021

Section 2, part 2: The Exact Email Campaign programs we run, how we write daily emails and set up the email funnels

--> I will show you deep inside my Email Writing and Idea Machine

--> You'll see my High End Client Email Campaign

--> You'll see inside my autoresponder account

Section 3: How we work with our highest level clients, the entire delivery system, how it's structured, what software we use, etc

--> This will be inside my delivery accounts

--> You'll see the actual programming in my email campaigns for my highest level clients

--> You'll see how we create the actual calls, the programming for the calls, the emails to deliver them . . the entire inner workings .

--> PLUS - you'll see inside the software I use to run it . . .

Section 4: The Exact process we use for converting new prospects into buyers and coaching clients, including the actual funnels we use

When you emerge from this amazing 4 hour immersion into my business, you will know - inside and out - the inner workings of a $30k business.

All in all - very deep and explains a lot that you've probably never seen before

behind the scenes . .

This is a very very powerful training, and I truly believe this is worth $1000 or more . .

but I've made the decision that for clients like yourself,

when you add it to your order,

it's just $37 today:



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